*This is not a comprehensive list and recent changes may have been made to the ordinances.  Please contact a Town Board member with questions.

Town of Roxbury Ordinances can be downloaded in PDF format.

Chapter 1:  Land and Subdivision Ordinances

Chapter 2:  Building and Construction Ordinance

Ordinance 3: Updated see 2020-02  Mobile Home Ordinance  

Ordinance 4:  Prohibition of Combustion Engines on Fish Lake Ordinance

Tavern Closing Time Ordinance

Ordinance 97-1:  Heavy Traffic Route Ordinance

Ordinance 2001-A:   Driveway Permit Ordinance

Cable Franchise Ordinance

Chapter 6: Ordinance 2002-12 Dog Ordinance

Ordinance 2004-1: Building Code Ordinance

Recycling Ordinance

Ordinance 1997-12: Treasurer Exempt from Filing Bond Ordinance

Ordinance 2002-1: Adoption of Comprehensive Plan Ordinance

Amendment 1:  Agreement for the Joint Municipal Court and Operation of the Sauk Prairie Court Commission

Ordinance 2008-01: Solid Fuel Heating Device Ordinance

Ordinance 2008-02: Snow Emergency and Emergency Parking

Sanitary District Ordinance

Ordinance 2013-2: Extend Town Officer Terms in Response to Election Law Changes

Ordinance 2013-01:  Weight Limits Ordinance

Ordinance 2014:  Permit requirement for Agricultural Commercial Vehicles and Imp

Ordinance 2018-1AA: Fire Prevention and Safety

Ordinance 2019-01: An Ordinance Related to Public Records

Ordinance 2019-02: Repealed See Ordinance 2020-02

Ordinance 2020-01: Ordinance 2020-01 Clerk and Treasurer Appt.

Ordinance 2020-02: Manufactured and Mobile Home Community License Ordinance

Ordinance 2021-01: Amendment to change Termination Date of Ord. 2020-02

Ordinance 2022-01: Town of Roxbury Building Code Ordinance

Ordinance 2202-02:  Appoint Town Clerk to Board of Review

Ordinance 2022-03: Confidentiality of Information Requested by Property Assessor

Ordinance 2023-1: Updates to the Town of Roxbury Building Code Ordinance

Ordinance 2023-2: Town of Roxbury Transfer of Development Rights Program

Ordinance 2023-3  Ordinance Designating Municipal Official to Issue Operator’s License

Ordinance 2023-4  Ordinance 2023-4 ATV and UTV Route Ordinance