Notice from Town Board regarding Referendum questions on the November 3rd ballot.

Posted: September 24, 2020

To the Town of Town Roxbury

The November Ballot has two referendum’s up for consideration.  The Board passed an ordinance earlier this year to call a referendum on the questions of changing to an appointed clerk and an appointed treasurer.  Currently these are elected positions.  The Town Board would like you consider supporting the referendums for the Board to appoint these two positions.  Below are several reasons for the move:

  1. The clerk and treasurer positions are essential to running the Town. To retain and attract the most qualified candidates, the Town Board may set minimum qualifications and training, job descriptions, and wages/benefits.
  2. Appointed clerks and treasurers do not have to be Town residents. The Town is lucky to have two qualified residents elected as the clerk and the treasurer, but this may not always be the case.
  3. The clerk and treasurer are often the first people Town residents contact. Appointing a clerk and treasurer helps retain experience, knowledge of the job and the Town, and relationships with residents and business owners that are built over years.
  4. The appointment terms are set by the Town Board and may be up to three years. The Town Board can reappoint a clerk and a treasurer to successive terms. An appointed clerk and treasurer cannot be removed by the Board during a term, except “for cause.”

The Town Board has full confidence in the current clerk, Lisa Meinholz, and treasurer, Nanette Backeberg. If the referendum passes, Ms. Meinholz and Ms. Backeberg can be reappointed by the Board at the end of their current terms.

Roxbury Town Board – Ervin Breunig, Nick Ganser and Mike Bradley